Our Story

April 2018 the Outpost was born. Bill & Nanette Brinkley and their friend and partner Robert Brown, acquired an existing business the Cedar Mountain Quick Stop along with the properties and building containing it in Cedar Mountain, NC. The QS utilized approximately one third of the building while the remaining two thirds were vacant and had been pretty much gutted by the previous occupants.

After closing and upon taking possession of the building, the three principles were meeting when the question arose “What type of tap room and wine bar do we want to construct in the vacant part of our building”? Several ideas and themes were proposed but the prevailing thought was to construct some type of old general store that sold some outdoorsman related merchandise as well as offering live music on the weekends plus great craft beer, good pub food and nice wine. Thus sticking with the theme of WNC it was decided to name the new business Mountain Speak Outpost Inc commonly known as the Cedar Mountain Outpost. From the beginning the central objective of the owners has been to construct and grow a local establishment where the patrons feel safe, invited and at home when there; to quote an old TV show “A place where everybody knows your name”.

Since the July 2018 opening of the Outpost; it has constantly evolved as the business has tried to define itself with additions and deletions continuously occurring. Nanette, Robert and Bill invite you to partake with them in all the things the Outpost has to offer but more so, just drop by and have a cold craft beer on the patio.

Robert, Bill and Nanette hope you come visit with them soon and often to enjoy some great beers, good wines, and some of the best music in WNC.

The Owners: Bill and Nanette moved to the Cedar Mountain area five years ago from West “by God” Virginia where they had owned and operated Compliance Monitoring Laboratories Inc, an environmental consulting firm and laboratory, for over thirty years. Both are stanch environmentalist whom enjoy the great outdoors and the slower style of life that the mountains provide.

Robert, though a mid-western by birth, has resided in the south for over forty years in Florida where he owned and operated a successful landscaping business before moving to Greenville SC where he worked various jobs in the building maintenance departments. Nine years ago he relocated from Greenville to the Cedar Mountain area performing wood crafting magic doing home repairs and renovations under the trade name of Palette Painting.